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Remember your Six-Pack!



Landlords need to remember 6 issues, BEFORE comencing a Tenancy – if not, financial implications and delays in Possession can arise.



1. DEPOSIT, Protect w/i 30 Days.
– if taken ( maximum of 6 weeks rent ) is to be Protected in one of the Government approved schemes WITHIN 30 days of receipt. AND



– The Deposit scheme’s ‘ PRESCRIBED Information must be served ( prove you’ve done this ) on the tenant, + anyone else who provided thefunds for the deposit. How are you going to know if its the tenants money or from ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ = ASK, in a recordable form – email.

What is ‘ Prescribed Information ‘ ( known as P.I. ) – well, it differs according to what deposit scheme you use. With the Deposit Protection Service, there is a link to ‘Prescribed Information’ which is an 8 page document full of text. On page 2, the landlord has to complete Contact details for the tenant and a forwarding address [ Family ? ] after the Tenancy.

If using ‘My Deposits’ the P.I. consists of the deposit protection certificate AND a leaflet called ‘Information for Tenants ‘. Which ever scheme you use, look these up and become familiar.


3. EPC. – Energy Performance Certificate.

Every property ( apart from Houses of Multiple Occupation with individual tenancy agreements ) is required to have a valid EPC [ lasts for 10 years ] before it is advetised for sale or rent.

A copy of the EPC needs to be given to a prospective tenant before or at the start of a tenancy in England commencing or renewed after 1st October, 2015.


4. Gas Safety Certificate.

A landlord must have a Gas Safe qualified plumber to issue a Landlords Gas safety certificate every 12 months and a copy of this must be provided to the prospective tenant BEFORE the tenancy begins. ( England & Wales – The Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998, Section 36, 6b )
After a tenancy commences, copy of Gas certificate to be given to tenant within 28 days of its issue. [ Keep copies for at least 2 years ]


5. How to Rent Booklet ( England ONLY )

For tenancies issued or renewed after 1/10/15, current version of H2R booklet – ( https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-rent ~ HTML version ) to be provided to Tenant[s]


6. License.

If you or your property requires a license ( throughout Wales and in many Local Authority areas in England – check if your council requires Additional or Selective licensing ; or use www.getrentr.com – or a Mandatory HMO license, 3 stories and 5+ occupants ) a Landlord MUST have the required license before a Section 21 notice can validly be served.



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