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Prestige Award 2023-2024, Chris Daniel, Possession Friend

Prestige Award winner for Housing Consultant of the Year, 2023/4 and Prestige Award winner for Possession company of the Year, 2022/3



Can’t get a Tenant to leave your property?

Attending a Possession Hearing?

Look no further than POSSESSION FRIEND to help you



Why use POSSESSION FRIEND and how are we different from other Possession companies



Possession Friend knows you need a fast professional service that’s also reassuring and friendly. We have helped so many landlords gain possession and get their property back, we have also assisted in rent recovery – View Feedback

We know the mistakes or weaknesses in a claim for Possession as we are eviction experts and we assess these and take every step to correct, or mitigate any weaknesses to the case

Prompt response to your problem, we don’t ‘only work office hours’ ( that may be at 8 or 9 pm but in any case within 24 hours )

We understand the stress that needing to regain Possession from a difficult tenant, because we are Landlords, train Landlords and advise Landlords. We respond promptly to your communications and in dealing with your case 

We have a fixed fee for all the work required in getting a successful Possession Order and Rent arrears. Possession Friend won’t tempt you with a low double-figure sum that only covers the service of an initial notice. Correctly completing the Possession Notice and its service are crucially important for a landlord gaining possession. 

Also, if you are renting lower value accommodation in some parts of the country, you’ll find our fixed fee is proportionate and fully inclusive. This is also proportionate to the higher value rents in parts of the country such as London, in that there is a maximum cap to our fees in high rental areas, which might equate to two weeks rent or perhaps less.


Assessment of your case
Examination of your tenancy and other documentation. If you are subject to Deposit or other legal requirements that may be detrimental to a Possession claim, we will recommend action to eliminate or mitigate these difficulties, thereby ensuring Possession is successfully obtained as quickly as possible. Successful and prompt Possession, subject to legal timescales, is less cost to and less revenue lost by the Landlord.

In some cases, it may be possible for third party negotiation by us with your Tenant
A third party may be successful where there has been a breakdown in Tenant – Landlord relationship. If this is successful, Possession could be much quicker and at less cost. POSSESSION FRIEND may even be able to refund some of your fee, depending on how far any travel appointment for mediation required. See benefits of any Tenant Mediation attempts.

Tenant claiming Housing Benefit?
If your tenant is eligible or claiming Housing Benefit, we will advise and assist you in claiming direct payment of this benefit whilst the possession process continues – mitigating your losses until we can gain a Possession Order.

Tenant Employed?
If the tenant is employed, POSSESSION FRIEND can ‘turn the heat up’ with their employer by advising of a future claim for an attachment to earnings order ( We have many tools and strategies to use for the particular Tenant in particular circumstances, which for competition reasons, are not outlined here )

Legal Representation Sourcing – if required
Depending on the complexity of the case ( we specialise in difficult Possession claims ), legal representation may be required. If so, we will advise such and assist in sourcing and briefing an affordable solicitor. In the majority of cases, legal representation is not necessary as we are eviction experts.

Support at a Court Hearing
If a landlord would still like some re-assurance on the day of the court hearing, we can attend and act as a ‘Mackenzie friend’ [ See Definition ] – this is less cost to the landlord, provides for any ‘low-baller’ excuses a Tenant might throw up in court, or act as a professional witness as to the conduct of attempting to negotiate a reasonable outcome with the tenant [ Mediation ] .

Achieving physical Possession – Bailiffs v HCEO
After the court award Possession, a tenant will sometimes, at a Local Authorities ( incorrect ) advice, remain until a Bailiff attends to physically carry out the eviction. POSSESSION FRIEND will assist in preparing the necessary paperwork and in circumstances where its financially prudent, arrange for High Court Enforcement Officers to carry out the eviction in a speedier manner. Once the Tenant has been physically evicted, the Landlord can begin to prepare the property for re-letting and generate rental income.

Debt Recovery, Outstanding Rent, Damages and Costs
Recovery of debt through county court action was, until 1st of October 2017 a relatively simple process using Money Claim On Line. The new Debt recovery Pre-Action Protocol has imposed requirements that a claimant must take before being able to seek a court order. POSSESSION FRIEND will help Landlords recover outstanding debt using High Court Enforcement Officers ( as seen in the TV programme, ‘The Sheriffs are Coming’ )


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We offer a fast, no nonsense, affordable alternative to expensive solicitors and larger eviction services including assistance and advice with evictions using the fast track possession route where applicable.

When Landlords want Help with Bad Tenants, we’re the people to go to.

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